Every night while I’m falling asleep, I think of potential blog posts.  Today I realized it’s been quite some time since I last wrote anything here, although I do keep a journal of daily happenings for own own records.  My dad has done this most of his life and it’s not only interesting (sometimes confusing, as we recently learned by a note I had written him declaring to be his ex-daughter when I was about 11) but can also be useful for tracking child development, habits, symptoms, daily (or random) events.  I’ve attempted to keep a daily journal in the past, but have always given up rather quickly, mostly because as I started reading the entries, I found them depressingly uninteresting.  Anyway, here are some highlights from the past 10 days, copying inspired by Polly’s recent blog post:

this is practically plagiarism

this is practically plagiarism

  1. In one day, after buying five pounds of strawberries from Costco, I made strawberry cake (adapted dairy free using almond milk and earth balance), strawberry syrup, strawberry milk, chocolate covered strawberries, and strawberry balsamic vinaigrette (without the garlic, salt, or pepper, since I thought they were unnecessary/I am lazy).  All delicious.  In that same trip we also bought the most delicious nectarines I have ever eaten.
  2.  At seven weeks post-partum (last Saturday), I started to work out again (for the first time in about seven weeks).  I attempted jogging for the first time since September and learned it’s outrageously uncomfortable due to breastfeeding.  Time to invest in a good sports bra (Katie has recommended the Lulemom Ta-Ta Tamer, which looks promising!)
  3. I got a copper IUD (paraguard) placed at my post-partum check up; so here’s to 10 years of hormone-free birth control!
  4. My aunt came up to visit us for a day on the 4th of July
  5. I’m on my third whole day of not washing diapers, which is just awesome compared to washing them every other day.
  6. We found a Cirque Du Soleil audition for Mr. Rhea in Las Vegas this August.  Some of you know about our thwarted attempts to attend auditions in Berlin and Spain last summer and Las Vegas last fall, so this is really a long time coming (although I probably jinxed it by posting about it here).
  7. Baby M is getting more and more smiley, although it’s still difficult to photograph.
  8. But I did find this gem on the camera from my dad’s photoshoot with him this morning:


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5 Responses to Happenings

  1. pollyheath says:

    Is he gonna be one of the contortionist/acrobatic people? i hope so.

  2. katyao says:

    Rhea! no idea you were such a good writer. and the dictator is quite handsome. one thing I wanted to say, and I´m sure you get more than enough comments from well meaning people on everything baby-related, so feel free to ignore – I used to get earth balance too, until I learned about the refinement process of the oils it´s made from – http://www.cavemandoctor.com/2012/02/25/vegetables-oils-the-refining-of-our-health/ . hope you get some sleep! – Katya

  3. Rhea says:

    Polly, yes. But only if they won’t accept him as a dancer. Katya, thanks! But gross. Ugh. I’m only dairy-free temporarily, so fortunately I can go back to good ol’ butter soon (you will never convince me that butter is not a health food, so don’t even bother trying, if that’s what you’re thinking ;))

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